Habitable Planet Teaching Assistant

Undergraduate course, School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2016

Introduction to the origin and evolution of Planet Earth, creation of the universe and the elements, early history of Earth, radioisotope geochemistry and the timing of events in the universe, the galaxy, and on Earth. Formation of the atmosphere and oceans. Climate. I lectured and guided the students during labs, such as: identifying different rocks, playing applications of Kepler Laws and etc.


The students are from different background — business, engineering and math. I enjoyed walking around when they work on the lab sheets and discussed with them. It is pretty important to know their background thus I can choose the way to explain the details to them. The most rewarding part is the feedbacks — the best way to know what’s been done right and what needs to be improved. I quite enjoyed the labs and I felt accomplished when I found my students felt the same.

Teaching Reviews

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