About me

Just like a diary, a personal website is also another way to identify oneself. What are the most important factors I want to share to others? How would I identify myself?

A scientist

I earned a Ph.D. in Earth and Atsmopheric Sciences and naturally I did numerous researches on atmospheric topics, especially, air pollution related ones. I am interested in both scientific discovery and application.

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A wheel innovator

To reinvent the wheel is to duplicate a basic method that has already previously been created or optimized by others (Wiki).

Engineers and scientists always scold themselves for doing duplicate works. Indeed it is not cool to spend hundreds of hours to exactly replicate others’ works.

Contrary to this practice, some go to extremes that they will use others’ work unconditionally and reluctant to do-it-yourself.

As a physicist, I would go from the basic physics laws to solve problems instead of asking for equations to use directly — those derived equations usually have some conditions and are too many to remember anyway. In real-life applications, I would use experience and vision to decide whether and to what extent we want to bother with the wheel. For example, when I tackle with a spatial interpolation problem, I would certainly use numba and numpy of Python as infrastructure (well, I won’t and I can’t reinvent them), try existing interpolation methods (scipy, esmf), and may come to the conclusion that they are not built for my specific case and DIY it.

Planning is a balance of efforts and outcome, so is fulfilling. The interesting part of working is that we are always entitled with limited resources (time, hands, computers, and etc). Finding the best solution or solutions suitable for the scenario is just like cooking a meal —- you need to figure out the perfect ingrediant ratios per the eaters’ taste.

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